Our Services Include:

Tree trimming/removal, stump grinding, buckhorn control specialists, control of other invasive species (including burdock, exotic thistles, garlic mustard, tartarian honeysucle, etc.), woodland restoration, chemical treatment/land management programs, native seed plantings (grass and forbes), some gardening programs, tree injections, snow removal and plowing. Free estimates.  Year round, 24 hour emergency service available.  Committed to being the best.

Tree Trimming/Removal

Trees are trimmed with the utmost care.  We remove dying or diseased branches, thin trees out taking away any branches that may be rubbing, and lift tree's up from buildings, wires and for mowing purposes. 

Trees are carefully removed as to not cause any damage to property.  Generally we top the tree so it can be safely felled.  

Stump Grinding
Stumps are ground according to size.  We usually charge $3.00/inch unless the stump is in a difficult location or the distance is far.  Rates are subject to change.

Buckthorn Control Specialists
The method for controlling buckhorn usually consists of removing the mature buckhorn, treating the stump, then doing a foliar chemical treatment on the smaller saplings.  For a proper plan follow up treatments are required because of the seed base.  Also it is recommended to replace the area with native seed.  Sometimes basel treatments can be done on the buckhorn as well. Plans may vary.

Control of Invasive Species
We use chemical treatments to control burdock, thistle, garlic mustard and other unwanted weeds in selected areas.  

Woodland Restoration
Woodland restoration usually consists of a variety of the services above including control of invasive weeds, selective tree removal, native shrub and tree replacement and native seeding.  This is a long term plan to meet the goals of the customer with the added expertise of us.  Plans will vary based on the situation and customer needs. 

Chemical Treatment
We offer the use of three different types of chemical treatments including; basel, cut stump and foliar.  Basel is the application of chemical directly to the base of the tree/shrub.  Cut stump is the application to the stump after the removal of a tree/shrub.  And foliar is the application to the leaves of the plants in question.  We are chemically licensed.

Native seed Plantings
This consists of planting forbes, sedges and grasses from seed.  We use all native seed only. 

Gardening Programs
Gardening programs are areas where invasive weeds have been eradicated and reestablished with native or non-native gardens.  Long term maintenance is also available.

Tree Injections
Disease prevention for EAB (ash), oak wilt and dutch elm through the use of injection.

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