About Us


Arborists of Rochester, LLC
was started in 2009 by Jon Marx and Adam Hoehne. 

Jon attended
forestry courses and worked in a nursery for 3 years before becoming involved in a line clearance program for Xcel Energy.  During his line clearance training, Jon learned proper trimming and removing techniques as well as the use in chemical application.  Then Jon started "Marx Tree Service"  and has been trimming/removing trees for 19 years.  During the course of Jon's training, Jon took up the interest of specializing in buck thorn removal that later led to forest restoration programs.  He is a certified Arborist and Certified Tree Inspectors. He works with his customers and has developed a great Land Management Program that suites the individual need for each customer.  
Jon has done a remarkable job building his business and gaining recognition in the community as a tree expert" and has a reputation for his high standards and quality service.
Jon grew up and lived in the Metro area for bulk of his life and now resides in Pine Island with his family. 

Adam grew up on an elk farm in Oronoco, MN.  Growing up on the farm and participating in the family business has helped to develop many valuable life skills, a strong work ethic and an understanding of business.  At a young age, Adam was taught to use various tools and equipment including chainsaws and pruners.  Adam has cut firewood and has experience removing trees and clearing unwanted timber and brush from certain areas of the farm.  Adam has also developed leadership skills from his years as a journeyman cement finisher.  Adam's people skills are excellent too.  He is very easy to work with, communicates well and prides himself on his ability to find solutions that work out well for our customers.    
Adams skills and passion for the outdoors has led him to the tree service business which he fully enjoys. He is a Cerified Tree Inspector.
Adam was born in Oronoco and continues to live in the area with his family. 

Arborists of Rochester
 has all the equipment necessary to perform all tree service/forest restoration type of jobs in a professional manner. 

Arborists of Rochester LLC is fully insured and licensed in Rochester and other cities were applicable.  A of R also carries chemical applicator licenses and has Certified Arborists and Certified Tree Inspectors on staff.  We are also involved in the emerald ash borer "first detector" team. 

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